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Clay-Platte Montessori School is located on ten acres of wooded rolling countryside. Old Maid's Creek meanders through the middle of the property offering an ideal environment for classroom study. There is an abundance of wildlife such as deer, raccoon, possum, wild turkey and woodchucks. Over 35 varieties of trees grow within the boundaries of the school property.

A city park is across the street, a site of the Hopewell people. Walking trails have recently been constructed. Future plans include working with Native Americans to establish the area as an educational museum complete with indigenous plants.


10 Acre Wood

Clay-Platte Montessori School is built on land that was once home to the Hopewell people, dating back to 2000 BC. CPMS middle school children have worked with a local archeologist to find artifacts that have helped to identify the native people and date the time of the inhabitance. The children have named and registered the site as 10 Acre Wood with the Archeology Society.

Our Mission and Purpose

The mission of Clay-Platte Montessori School is to employ the philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori and educate young people to their fullest potential, instilling a deep sense of personal independence and responsibility to self, to others, and to our Earth.

Our purpose is to provide, through the Montessori philosophy and curriculum, an environment where each child will be free to function and develop individually, naturally and sequentially into the whole child that lies within, realizing the full potential of his/her innate talents.