Susan Welch
Communications Coordinator,
ORFF Instructor

Susan Welsh has been with Clay-Platte Montessori for 12 years. She worked as a part-time assistant in the MMS and as an assistant in the Elementary program before accepting the position as the CPCH Communication Director in 2013. Susan’s background includes her education at Stephens College and the University of Kansas where she studied fiber arts.  She also is a former pastry chef and restaurant owner. Enjoying nature is a huge part of Susan’s life as well as organic, sustainable gardening,  cooking and travel. Her love of Montessori began when her son started in the CPCH Yellow Room and through this experience, knows first-hand what a beautiful place Clay-Platte Montessori is for children to grow and learn, using the Montessori Method.  Susan and her husband have three adult daughters and their son Emerson, who graduated from the Montessori Middle School in 2015.