Jen Stoll
Owner, Clay-Platte Montessori School
Director of Education


It has been a few years since I received my Certificate of Education from Bethel College and started my new teaching career at Wyandotte High School. Both of those places were central to my development as an educator, with their equally strong commitment to community, the development of the whole person, and ongoing professional development.

The task of adhering to district, state, and national standards–while maintaining the devotion to the whole child–felt like eating an elephant. I continued, one bite at a time, for four years, until I discovered Montessori education. The puzzle pieces finally fit together!

It is an honor to work as a guide and director at Clay-Platte Montessori School! This place continues those commitments present at the start of my career:

Community, education of the whole child, and professional development.

Even more of an honor: My daughter Evan graduated from Clay-Platte. She learned how to balance her time, how to honor her own drive, and hold herself accountable to her own standards and values. My son Alex has attended since he was an early 4 years old and is an artist, writer, and programmer with whom the world will have to reckon. Nora began Clay-Platte as soon as our infant program opened, when she was 15 months old. After knowing only a few words, within weeks of beginning school, Nora was saying “outside” like a pro, getting her shoes and attempting to put them on, scraping her food scraps into the trash and placing her plate on the counter by the sink! I love this school!