Ages 6 – 12 years

The Elementary curriculum builds upon the foundation established in the Primary program. At this age, children go through a transformation in wanting to acquire information. They want to know everything about everything. Questions are encouraged, providing connections to all subjects which, in turn, lead to inner motivation and a personal quest for discovery. Hands-on materials are used to introduce concepts, engaging the child and assisting in his/her understanding. In the elementary years, the child comes first, not the curriculum.

The Clay-Platte Montessori students have a vegetable garden they plant and maintain. They grow and sell produce as part of their curriculum. The Upper Elementary students help the Farm School with the chickens and angora goats.


Kathryn Smetana - Montessori Lead Guide Lower Elementary

Cece Holt - Montessori Assistant Guide Elementary

Manisha Biswas - Montessori Lead Guide Upper Elementary

Program Time

Monday-Friday 5 Full-days 8:30 am – 3:30 pm


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Special Activities

For the Elementary Program special activities include Orff Music, Spanish, Art and Physical Education as part of the curriculum. Chess Club, Piano and Guitar are after-school extras.